The Sand Box Media House has a Seamless Stage that is over 1,000 square feet of shooting space. The 20' wall is a seamless cyclorama (20'x20'x17'). We have various packages that include a standard L&G package, a pre-lit green screen, and we can paint the stage any color you would like for your production. If you are interested in booking, please fill out the form below and a Sand Box rep will get back to you.


1,000 sq. ft Seamless Cyclorama Photo/Film Sound Stage

$550 for 10 hour day  - or -   $60/hr

Seamless Cyclorama Stage - WiFi, basic L&G package included in price.

Seamless Cyclorama Stage - WiFi, basic L&G package included in price.


The sound stage comes with client parking (two spots), an easy load-in bay, the ability to bring a car into the stage, ample street parking, trash (included) and AC ($5/hr).



We offer easy load-in! Grip trucks of any size can load in through our driveway roll up loading bay door.


The Green Screen is pre lit so you can focus on lighting your subject. We have a lighting grid in our high ceiling and various L&G packages are available! And NO corkage fee for bringing your own gear.


Walls can be painted any color you choose ($250 + COST OF PAINT)  -  A fresh coat of white is included with every rental.


STAGE RENTAL INCLUDES ACCESS TO: Cyclorama Sound Stage Green Room H/MU and Dressing Room (includes two Clothing Racks and Steamer)

Comes with basic L&G package:

4x - C-Stands
5x - Sand Bags
3x - Arri 650 Lights
2x - Arri 1k lights with speed ring and Chimera
4x - Light Stands
2x - Flag/Silk

Other items available a la cart. NO corkage fee for bringing your own gear.

Air Conditioned ($5/hr)
Loading Bay

*Can fit entire car into studio*

SOUND: We have successfully filmed commercials and interviews with dialogue, even without sound proofing. We get an occasional jet, but I still consider us a great space for filming clean dialogue.

HIGH IMPACT FEE For crews over 15 people, there is an additional $75 high impact cleaning fee.

CONFETTI Is fine to use, but you will be charged an additional fee of $75 for the extra cleaning. No exceptions.


NOISE We are located away from homes in an industrial area. We hear an occasional jet, train, or truck, but sound has not been a problem for most our clients. We highly suggest scouting the stage to hear for yourself, as everyone's definition of quiet is different. I cannot guarantee perfect sound nor do we claim to be sound proofed. These are the policies of our stage. If you don't agree with them, please don't rent our stage. Thank you so much, we look forward to hosting your shoot!

SHOOTING OUTSIDE If you plan to shoot anywhere outside, including the alley, front or back of the building, there is an additional $20/hr fee. Storing/staging gear in the alley will also result in this charge.

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